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20" x 30" Vintage 1862 Civil War Map Wall Art

20" x 30" Vintage 1862 Civil War Map Wall Art

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Bacon's Military Map of America, originally published in 1862 is a classic Civil War Military Map. This Map shows the forts and fortifications that existed during the time of the Civil War. The forts are named and marked by small flags. The map includes towns, railroads, names and boundaries of states and territories and is color coded to reflect the divide of the country during the war: "Free or Non-Slaveholding States" are colored green, "Border Slave States" are yellow, and "Seceded or Confederate States" are in red. Also marked on the map are Pony Express Routes and Wagon Trails such as the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Route that the early western settlers took. Printed on heavyweight matte art paper, this fascinating vintage looking historic poster is ready to frame, mount, or display as a poster directly on the wall.


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